New Home for Random Plan

After completing our goal of getting the boat to Sanibel, we decided to keep Random Plan in the Sanibel/Ft. Myers/Cape Coral area for the next year.  We are so fortunate to have good friends who have a home with a canal in the back yard, and an empty boat dock!   Paul and Jane Roullard have become great mentors for us in our new boating adventures, having lived aboard their own boat for many years.  They welcomed us to keep our boat right outside their back door!  They had recently sold their own boat, and have purchased a land yacht to continue their travels.  BoatBehindRoullards

Now, each time we arrive at our boat, in the Roullard’s backyard, the first 2 miles of our cruise is through the canals of Cape Coral, passing by the backyards, swimming pools and boat docks of the beautiful homes that line one of the most elaborate canal systems in the U.S.